Presentations + Publications

As an instructional technologist and librarian, I give a number of presentations to faculty and students in face-to-face and virtual formats.  When designing presentations, I am certain to:

  • Adhere to good graphic design principles
  • Incorporate hands-on learning activities
  • Add images, charts, illustrations, and media to aid visual learners
  • Provide links to articles, websites, and other resources for future learning

The following presentations are a sample of the presentations I have give to students, faculty, and conference attendees in my various capacities.

Community of Inquiry Presentation

I delivered this presentation to a group of faculty members in August 2016 at South College, Knoxville, TN.

Infographics in Education Presentation

I delivered this presentation to South College Faculty in a monthly workshop in July 2016.

The following is a selected list of presentations I have given at professional conferences and in faculty workshops.  You can view the presentations by clicking on the links.

Selected Conference Presentations

Selected Publications

  • Allen, S. (2017) Ask the expert: Religion and education. In A Thompson & K. Whitworth (Eds.), SociologicalYou: NextGen Introductory Sociology. Fort Worth, TX: United Instructors and Textbook Authors Co-op.
  • Allen, S. (2017) Mapping uncharted territory: Launching an online embedded librarian program. Journal of Library and Information Services in Distance Learning (11)1.
  • Allen, S. (2017) Applying adult learning principles to online course design. Distance Learning (13)3, 26-32.
  • Allen, S. (2015) Delivering Library Services to Distance Learners: An Annotated Bibliography. The Christian Librarian (58)2.
  • Allen, S. (2015) Using Google Drive for Library Assessment, in The Complete Guide to Using Google in Libraries: Instruction, Administration, and Staff Productivity, ed. Carol Smallwood. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
  • Allen, S. (2014) Shifting the Instructional Paradigm: Articulating a Set of Current Practices in Flipped Library Instruction. Tennessee Libraries (64)3.
  • Allen, S. (2014) Towards a Conceptual Model of Academic Libraries’ Role in Student Retention: A Literature Review. The Christian Librarian (57)1 7-19.

You can see a full list of publications on my CV. I also have profiles on Google Scholar and